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In previous posts I have talked about looking at your charitable giving from the perspective of a portfolio. A diversified a number of organizations within a “narrow giving theme” (i.e. access to water) allows you to see the impact of your donations through quantitative and qualitative analysis, with limited or no cross-pollination of information between the agencies.  It also allows you to compare your funding results with other funders for donation performance (similar to how one would compare mutual funds).


Another approach is the Layer-Cake approach.  Having a broader giving theme and layering organizations and projects on top of each other so that they feed into one-another.  In a way it allows you to leverage your donation (time, talent, treasures or ties) through all the organizations that you support.

Entering into 2017 we are presented with a number of opportunities that will allow us to “look away.”  This conjures up the image of the Three Wise Monkeys: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys.  However, in today’s times I don’t think this is a “wise” course of action.  This past weekend I marched in Calgary in solidarity with women around the world in the Million Woman March.  I did not view this as an anti-Trump rally.  I was there for a number of reasons, protesting Trump was not one of them. Protesting the direction that I see society going is 100% why I was there.

Every year around this time I post a list of the organizations that received funding, volunteer hours or strategic help as a result of services offered through Dexterity Consulting or the Place2Give Foundation

As our reach grows through products like TheCardThatGives, we are unable to list all the charities that have received funding over the year in this one post!  An exciting problem to have.  Below are the ones that we have heard back from, connected directly with, or received feedback from donors about.  

From the staff and volunteers at Dexterity Consulting and Place2Give Foundation in Canada and the United States, we would like to wish you and your families all the best for the holidays and a happy and healthy new year.