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The other day I put out a call on LinkedIn and Facebook for people to share their six-word memoir as part of National Poetry Month (#NPM16).  Here is what was shared.  

Thank you to all who participated!  You can still add your memoir to the DVI Facebook page.

FamilyOver the past few weeks a couple clients have asked me about how and when to share their family wealth and social capital plans with their children and other family members.  This of course is different for each person and each family so there is no hard and fast rule.  There is however some general things that all wealth creators should consider when planning for the transition to the next generation or out into community:

1. How much is enough? As Warren Buffet said, "I want to leave enough for my kids so that they will do something, but not so much that they won't do anything."  Allison Maher from Family Wealth Coach calls it Knowing Your Number.  What do you need to live on and your inheritors to live on to be comfortable, what do you want government to take in taxes and what do you want your community to receive.

I was out for dinner with a dear friend this evening and he asked me what my six word memoir is.

Here's what I came up with:

Always asking, "What most needs doing?"

What is your six word memoir?