No, I am not talking about a Dr. Seuss story.  FISH is an acronym for:

·         Financial

·         Intellectual

·         Social

·         Human

·         [Enterprise]


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This week I will be presenting at Wink Calgary.  This is a lunch-time session where I walk a woman named Jane through her legacy planning and charitable gift strategies.  As I was thinking about how best to present the information in a condensed amount of time, and still provide enough information for individuals to be able to start the work on their own, or seek out additional resources as needed, I reflected on what my parents and grandparents have taught me.

I am attending the Purposeful Planning Rendezvous with 200 other financial, legal, and philanthropic advisors in Broomfield, CO.  Over the course of the next 48 hours we will be sharing best practises in the various areas of expertise that we each share.