We have tasked the charitable sector with the mandate to solve complex problems.  Social problems like poverty; health problems like childhood obesity; future problems such as educating the next generation.  As funders we then fall into the trap of requiring large reporting mechanisms and "proof."  These processes draw down on resources and are sometimes in conflict with what our perception of the value of spending funds on the overhead required to meet these reporting requirements.

Last week I attended the TEDxLive talks via TEDxCalgary. The talks on crowd-sourcing and social change really perked my ears. It was exciting to hear people sharing their thoughts on things that I have been thinking about for a while and how they took my thoughts to a new level. Isn't that the whole point of TED - to make us think and dream bigger?

Several weeks ago I presented to Calgary's JCI chapter.  My presentation was about failure.  I started with a TEDx Video where Tom Wujec presents on how building a marshmellow tower leads to team building and creative problem solving.