Place2Give Flood Relief Update – Winter 2013

The Place2Give Foundation’s Southern Alberta Emergency Relief Fund has continued to hear back from the agencies that received donations and we want to take this opportunity to share the information and provide an additional update.

Inn From the Cold –

“Thank you!  After so many years in non-profit, I am still in awe of those that choose to help others as though they were kin.  Our families are deeply grateful to the donors and families that trust their hard earned dollars with Place2Give.  Thank you so much for your advocacy and support!  I cannot wait to thank you all in person.”  Janeen Webb, Director of Donor Relations.

Museum of the Highwood –

“... Unfortunately the flood of June 20 caused significant damage to our collection that was stored in the basement of the museum (in the former CPR station) and at our offsite storage facility – located one block west.  After the flood we were unable to access the collection for 11 days.  This caused further damage to the artifacts.  Our preliminary estimates are that 80% of our collection has been destroyed.  If we were able to remove them immediately, we most likely would have saved 80%!

The artifacts that were salvageable were cleaned as much as possible and packed up.  They are now being stored in Calgary in two locations – at an unused school and in the refrigerator truck.  An inventory has been mostly completed, and the artifacts are stabilized.  Our greatest challenge is finding a suitable space to store and remediate the artifacts.  Some will have to be sent to specialized conservators, some will be restored on site, and the remainder will need a good cleaning.  Your donation will be used for this purpose.”  Irene Kerr, Director/Curator.

Boys and Girls Club of Diamond Valley & District

“Please accept our sincere thanks for the generous donation to assist us in helping families displaced by the floods in June.

We are currently working closely with the temporary housing community of Saddlebrook and have hired Childcare workers from High River that lost employment due to the devastation.  We are transporting the children to our Clubs in Black Diamond and Nanton after school.  We have also been to Frank Slide and Kayben Farms on PD days.  The children are enjoying their time at Club.  They told us they “feel safe and happy here”.  Shirley Puttock, Executive Director.

Alpha House

“Alpha House has much to be grateful for and you and your gift has provided us with time to reflect on our past, live with a little more ease today, and to re-envision our goals and objectives for tomorrow. ... Continued support of Alpha House and our programs is needed.  In the short term we are replacing our phone and computer system, seeking to replace kitchen and laundry equipment... we will be adding additional shelter mats as part of our Winter Response agreement; the work goes on.

.... Know that we will continue to provide a safe and caring environment for all our clients no matter what may assail us let alone them.  Know that we do this work for you in the hope you too share in the gratitude we feel from our clients every day.  David Burke, Volunteer and Special Initiatives Coordinator.

Calgary Arts Development –

“Thank you for your contribution to the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild Fund. I am pleased to share with you the impact your donation has made to affected artists and arts organizations.

Alberta Arts Rebuild has released a report detailing the activities of the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild Fund through the end of October. The fund was launched in June 2013 on crowdfunding platform to raise money for artists and arts organizations from across southern Alberta as they recover from the 2013 floods.

Alberta Arts Rebuild was created to support artists and arts organizations impacted by the 2013 southern Alberta floods by acting as an information source and helping to coordinate rebuilding efforts. This project is a partnership of more than 35 government and community agencies whose mandates include direct support of artists and arts organizations.” Emiko Muraki, Director, Impact & Engagement

The Place2Give Team is very proud of the work that has been done and continues to support agencies that need help.