We have tasked the charitable sector with the mandate to solve complex problems.  Social problems like poverty; health problems like childhood obesity; future problems such as educating the next generation.  As funders we then fall into the trap of requiring large reporting mechanisms and "proof."  These processes draw down on resources and are sometimes in conflict with what our perception of the value of spending funds on the overhead required to meet these reporting requirements.

“Who invented money?”


My daughter and I were driving home from the grocery store earlier this week when she dropped this bombshell. It was a natural follow to my most recent, “we don’t have money for that” speech in reference to something frivolous like toys or fancy soap.


I’d take anything over this question. Something about how babies are made or where hamburgers come from would be preferable to talking about money.

Before I get into today's blog, I just wanted to let you know that a podcast of an interview I conducted with Collin Glassco will be posted in the coming weeks.  Collin is the founder and CEO of the Glassco Foundation.  I interviewed him for a book I am currently researching on Strategic Philanthropy.  T