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Big Data in the Charitable Sector: A Whitepaper

Did you know that you can use Big Data to make smarter decisions about where to spend your social capital? Or that you can use charity sector Big Data to help you power your latest tech solution? We have published a whitepaper that takes a look at the data that powers Dexterity Ventures Inc.’s Place2Give site, and how you can use that data for your charitable giving or business needs.

Click here to read the full white paper 'Big Data in the Charitable Sector' on the Dexterity Ventures website.

Triple Bottom Line Businesses Succeeding Despite Economic Slowdowns

Guest Post From Adam Jones, Owner/Operator of MAXgreen Windows, Doors and Exteriors

With the price of oil down, everybody in Calgary seems to be worrying about the future of our local economy. After all, the oil and gas market is what generates billions for this province's public services, directly provides thousands of jobs, and trickles down those earnings to other local industries, especially construction.

  • Will housing prices drop?
  • Will skilled labour costs go down?
  • Will I be laid off due to the slower economy?
  • Is this the right time to be doing a renovation?

These are all common questions and you can talk to half a dozen "experts" and get 6 different theories on each question.

Unfortunately, many business still look at only one bottom line - their profit.

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Philanthropy and the End of Geography - a Response to Seth Godin

On January 31, 2015 Seth Godin published a short blog entitled the End of Geography.  In this post he points out how companies and technologies have removed the geography barrier and that localized markets are no-longer limited to kilometers and miles.  He ends his post with, "If you are still betting on geogrpahy, on winning merely because you are local, I hope you have a special case in mind." 

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Dream Big... What would you do with $50Million

Last week someone in Alberta won the $50Million lottery prize.  This morning on CBC Eyeopener, David Grey interviewed the spokesperson, Kevin van Egdom from Western Canada Lottery Corporation and one of the questions was about preparing for the acceptance of such a significant cash prize.

This got me thinking about “What if…”

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Place2Give Charity List

Every year I provide a list of organizations that Dexterity Consulting clients and Place2Give donors have directed their funds.  This past year we have seen significant growth in our donor base and so the list below is a snapshot of the organizations that were supported.  

As this is your last chance for year-end donations, we have made giving easy - by clicking on any one of the links you can donate directly to the charity through the Place2Give Foundation.

Happy New Year and thank you for your generosity and continued support of the organizations that make our communities strong!

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Place2Give and Give A Mile

Place2Give, Dexterity Consulting's sister company, recently partnered with Give A Mile to help them process cash donations. Give A Mile is a Not-For-Profit looking to enable people to visit terminally ill friends & family through crowdfunding of flights via micro-donations of travel points. Below is an excerpt from Give A Mile's latest press release, which mentions Place2Give and their agreement.

Give A Mile can now offer tax receipts to its donors, thanks to our new agreement with Place2Give Foundation. In addition to the travel loyalty points that translate directly to support flights, we rely on private donations to cover taxes, program administration costs, and other related expenses associated with running the Give A Mile program.  

"Place2Give Foundation recognizes the human and social benefit that is derived from connecting families during times of crisis," says Gena Rotstein, CEO and Founder of Place2Give. "We are pleased to have found a partner in Give A Mile that can help our Foundation achieve this very important social mandate."

To read the full press release from Give A Mile about the latest flight they have given away and the agreement with Place2Give, click the pdf link below. 

Climate and Philanthropy

This week I had the privilege of attending the Nexus Youth Summit in Washington, DC.  The purpose of this summit is to bring together leaders in philanthropy, social enterprise, social finance and the Next Generation for a series of conversations that lead to action around the critical issues facing our communities - locally, nationally, internationally.

One session that stood out in particular for me was a session on Climate and Philanthropy.  A panel discussion with:

As you can see, this panel cross the spectrum of Republicans and Democrats with a view to find economic solutions and market-based solutions to environmental problems.  

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Best and Worst Charities... The #GivingTuesday Conundrum

In today's Seth Godin blog - Babies and Bath Water, he lists the organizations that he is supporting for GivingTuesday and also links to the "worst" charities.  

What makes a worst charity? 

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Notes from the Tech Team: A Taster

Every month we share the latest tech updates to the Place2Give website and the technology solutions offered through Dexterity Ventures Inc.

The entire Dexterity Ventures (DVI) team has been head down in preparation for GivingTuesday and the presentation at CKX Summit in Toronto (more info about that here) that happened on November 20th. As such, we would like to use our tech blog this month as a taster for the things we've launched over the month.

We set-up and launched the GivingTuesday Campaign for Place2Give and Dexterity Ventures in anticipation of Tuesday December 2nd (aka 2014’s ‘GivingTuesday’). The Place2Give GivingTuesday Motif Giving Campaign can be found here.

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Unlocking Fort Philanthropy - How data can influence strategic philanthropy


November 20th, 2014 - Presentation at CKX (Community Knowledge Exchange) on how data is influencing individual and family philanthropy as well as the role that advisors and estate planners are having on the discussion.  

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