Next Generation of Leaders

Aside from consulting to donors, their advisors and charities; there are other things that my company, Dexterity Ventures Inc. and the Place2Give Foundation does within the charitable sector - we collect data in order to conduct academic callibre research.  Every year since 2008 students have been working for Dexterity Consulting and then DVI (when we incorporate in 2010).  These students have come from Royal Roads University, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University (previously Mount Royal College), and University of Lethbridge.  Their academic disciplines include - business schools, social work studies, computer science programs and mathematics.  Having students involved in my company is a core value that will carry forward as things grow.

This year we are starting to create systems for examining the meta-data that has been generated by Place2Give.  This information can be used a number of ways including influencing policy changes.  In November I wrote a piece entitled, A New Charity Tax Credit, in the Calgary Herald.  The information that could shape the ideas proposed in that blog can come from a multitude of sources including Place2Give.

As my company enters into another year of operations and growth, we are continually looking for ways to use our data, expand our services and develop out the platform. I am always looking for ideas, partners and thought leaders who want to shape social and creative economies.