Place2Give Flood Relief update – Fall 2013

The summer months have been busy managing the Place2Give Foundation Southern Alberta Emergency Relief Fund.  We have been hearing back from many of the agencies that have received donations from the Fund and wanted to share some of the feedback.

Calgary Meals on Wheels – “When people ask me what difference a donation can make, I reply by saying a donation to CMOW changes lives.  To our clients, the service that we provide is often more than just food.  We bring comfort, dignity and the knowledge someone cares.  And with the recent devastating floods, we’re needed now more than ever.  On behalf of Calgary Meals on Wheels, I would like to offer my sincerest thank you for the amazing gift.  Your donation will help provide nutritious meals to those affected by the flood and give them one less thing to worry about.”  Janice Curtis, Executive Director & Kathryn Vincent, Fund Development Manager.

Calgary Police Foundation – “On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Calgary Police Foundation, thank you so very much for your contribution towards the Calgary Police Foundation Flood Relief for Youth Program….Funded programs are collaborative initiatives between the CPS and its community partners.  The CPF targets areas where the need is greatest and programs have the most impact on our children, youth and families.  CPF funded programs will help ensure Calgary is a great place to live and raise our families.”  Derek Bechthold, Director of Development.

Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre Society – “Your gift is sincerely appreciated.  We depend on people like you, to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our clients at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre Society.”  Debbie Newman, Executive Director.

Foothills Special Needs Association for parents & Siblings – “On behalf of SNAPS, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the donation to our organization.  Due to the flood we had to cancel 2 of our fundraisers…. Because of your generosity your donation helps us make up this short-fall, which will allow us to continue programs such as TAPP (Transition Action Planning Program) – this is a systematic program to develop a plan for transitioning a person age 14 and older through school into adult services, One to One Family Support – allows families the opportunity to access one to one support in their advocacy for Education, Transition Planning, FSCD, PDD, AISH or just want someone to take to, Step Up Group – a support group for parents with a goal to provide an opportunity for parents to meet and make connections with other parents, which helps give them comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey, Sibshops – provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and fun environment where brothers and sisters of special needs siblings meet other siblings, enabling them to develop supportive relationships and coping skills.”  Orvella Small, executive Director.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre – “Fresh Start Recovery Centre would like to express our gratitude for the donation from the S.A.E.R.F. through Place2Give and Dexterity Ventures Inc. …The area where we most needed help relates to recouping costs associated with opening up our home for those who did not have one and for the lost funding and two week extension of the recovery program for our 50 residents during the disruption – the latter being completely un-funded.  In addition to being without funds we chewed through a significant amount of our resources and incurred additional costs related to helping Simon House, Aventa, the Centre of Hope and providing community clean up.  When all was said and done, the 41 ladies had stayed 8 nights, the 45 fellows from Simon House stayed for 14 days and the 10 Centre of Hope guys had stayed for 8 days.  We hope this information will help your donors better understand just how much we needed these dollars and how fortunate we feel that we were able to help, if only in a small way to reduce the impact for these 96 residents from other treatment centres.  ….  Fresh Start staff and residents were thankful that we were able to be part of rebuilding community.  The generosity of Calgarians is a testament to the amazing city we live in!”  Stacey Petersen, RSW, Executive Director.

National Music Centre – “It is with sincere gratitude that I write to thank you for your letter and donation…  As you know, the flood affected both our building and collection of instruments and we have only recently resumed operations in our building.  The generous flood relief donation to the National Music Centre will help in enabling NMC to bear the elevated staffing costs caused by the flood as collections staff work to assess and repair hundreds of valuable and rare instruments. We are settling back into our office space and look forward to welcoming school children next month for our educational programs as we continue to evaluate and repair our flood-damaged instruments.”  Leitha Cosentino, Sr. Development Officer.

Calgary Counselling Centre – “The funds we received from the Southern Alberta Emergency Relief fund will provide subsidies for counselling for low-income individuals, couples and families that were impacted by the floods.  The funds will also support our operating costs.  Though we had no physical damage, the floods cost the Centre two weeks of fee-for-service revenue, which, in alignment with our business model supports our operating costs and core programming.  As we rebuild the foundation of our homes, stores, parks and communities, we must also ensure we tend to the foundation of our mental health. … Your gift will ensure that all Calgarians will have access to mental health support, regardless of their ability to pay.  Thank you for your leadership in supporting the mental health of our community.”  Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, C.E.O.

Calgary Public Library Foundation – “Thank you for your generous donation to the Calgary Public Library Foundation…. Once insurance and other factors have been settled, the Library Foundation will work with the Library to find the best possible use for these funds… Thanks to your support, the Library will remain a vibrant and essential part of our growing community as it enters its second century of service to Calgarians.”  Paul McIntyre Royston, President, C.P.L.F.

The work on rebuilding the province after the aftermath of the floods will take time and the Place2Give team is happy to be a part of it.




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Thank you for providing these details within your website.

My pleasure

Hi Etta;

I will keep adding more info as we fund other projects, including Cyclone Phailin.


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