#ProBonoCDN Talking Light Media - Videos that Change Lives

Pro-Bono services are not just limited to legal and accounting firms.  In this post, Talking Light Media highlights how they have provided video production and directoral support to charities around the world, thereby saving organizations thousands of dollars in digital marketing expenses.

Talking Light Media is a video production company based in Calgary that believes in doing what it can for communities, locally and around the world. When Steve Mason and Jamie Moorhouse founded TLM in 2003, they wanted to give back, but they were not in a position to offer financial assistance. However, they could tell a story and use their skills to help drum up support for local charities.

Steve and Jamie came to the charity world from their own unique, individual circumstances and experiences.

Steve’s daughter Amy was born in 2000. After spending three weeks in NICU for what initially appeared to be an issue with lungs, Steve and his wife Laurel were pulled into a consultation with a geneticist. Not knowing what to expect, they were given the news that their daughter had Trisomy 9P and would be faced with profound struggles all of her life. But they found that there was hope and help. One of those places that played a significant role in helping their daughter and their family was Renfrew Educational Services. That relationship led to Talking Light Media producing Renfrew’s fundraising gala videos for the past decade.

Since then, TLM has cultivated their passion for working in the charitable sector with organizations such as The Children’s Cottage, Stephen’s Backpacks, The Doorway, Kids Cancer Care, Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CC4MS)and others.

After a trip to Cambodia with Carpenters4Cambodia, Jamie was convinced that he should sign on as a director in that organization. He also came back home inspired to tell the stories of Calgarians “doing good” in Cambodia. With very little convincing Steve was on board, and through a number of trips back to Cambodia, they produced the one-hour documentary Compassionate Compass: Cambodia. They are currently in the development phase of the next Compass documentary Compassionate Compass: Colombia.

In 2011, Jamie and Steve both joined the Rotary Club of Calgary South, Calgary’s second largest Rotary club, to expand their ability to give back. To be part of such an extraordinary organization with a local and global reach has been fantastic. Steve has been able to focus on local charities serving on both the small and large grants committees and is now serving as a club director. Jamie joined the World Community Service committee and is currently the committee chair and chairs the Member Profile committee that Steve chaired last year. For this committee, TLM produces short member profile videos for the club to capture and preserve some of the club’s history. Both Steve and Jamie are on the House committee ensuring that the technical requirements for our speakers are met. They have been awarded the 110% recognition pin for always saying yes when called upon by Rotary.

Talking Light Media has found a way to give back to the community despite being a small company in a struggling economy. Where there is a will there is a way and the will is definitely there.

For more information about the charities referenced please visit - www.Place2Give.com