As a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) we take a collaborative approach to working with clients in order to meet their financial goals and legacy objectives.  We see the family from a “whole system” because complexity is found at the boundaries of the three spheres (three circle model).

We specialize in working with family-owned businesses and family enterprises.  We take a multidisciplinary approach to your social capital management as we understand that your legacy is built on and fits between the different areas of what makes up your wealth and those that are closest to you.

Feedback from our partner advisors indicates that by providing them with the tools they need to help further the legacy and social capital discussion they are better able to work with the next generation of family wealth and have deeper relationships with their clients.

The Karma & Cents(™) model

Social Impact


Financial advisors and wealth managers benefit from trend reports extracted from information aggregated through our research portal, We help you better understand the business of philanthropy in order to have  more meaningful conversations with your clients regarding their philanthropic investments.