TheCardThatGives - Giving Tuesd'eh Retail Philanthropy 

TheCardThatGives is like any gift card, except the face-value can be redirected to any charity in Canada.  Sold in retail outlets across canada and online, this plastic or cardstock card is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.  Ideal for individuals and businesses alike, TheCardThatGives can be shared, paid forward and in the case of some retail outlets redeemed for additional discounts on products and services after the donation has been made.

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Case Studies in Givine - Dexterity Clients and Partners

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work with Dexterity Consulting, or how our solutions can be successfully implemented within your family foundation, your financial advisory services, or your business?  In this document, we take a look at four case studies of how poeple and companies hav eworked with Dexterity and what the outcomes of the projects were.

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Fiscal Unequals and Household Philanthropy

What happens when there is a wealth imbalance within a household? How does this impact the conversations around social capital management?  This white paper explores the impact that financial imbalances have on families when discussing philanthropy and legacy plans.

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Big Data in the Charitable Sector

Did you know that you can use Big Data to make smarter decisions about where to spend your social capital? Or that you can use charity sector Big Data to help you power your latest tech solution? We have published a whitepaper that takes a look at the data that powers Dexterity Ventures Inc.’s Place2Give site, and how you can use that data for your charitable giving or business needs.

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Creating your Charitable Giving Plan

  • Workbook developed by Gena Rotstein and some of the Dexterity Consulting clients (families, individuals and advisors) designed to walk individuals and families through the charitable giving planning process.  Available for FREE.  To order a hard copy, email  or download a PDF here.

What's inside the workbook?  You will be guided through a series of social visioning, charity evaluation and legacy planning questions ending in a document that will have mapped out your charitable plan.  This is a "living document" and is something that you can and should revisit as part of your regular financial planning process.

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Making Informed Charity Decisions

Funding Opportunities for Non-Profit Leaders to Support participation in Leadership Development Programming at The Banff Centre.

A variety of scholarships are available for non-profit leaders with registered Canadian charities thanks to the generous support of donors who recognize the important role that non-profit organizations play in our communities.

General scholarships are available for non-profit leaders from registered Canadian charities thanks to the generous support of anonymous donors and from The Banff Centre endowments. Call TheBanff Centre Leadership Development Department at  or click for more information. For a list of current programming, click here.