Place2Give and GivingTuesday Canada

This year, on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, Place2Give is proudly joining a call to action that will help make history.  We are partners in GivingTuesday Canada, a new national day dedicated to giving and volunteering.

Non-profits, families, business, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together across the country and rally for their favorite causes.  This movement celebrates giving and encourages more, better, and smarter giving and volunteering during the giving season.  Leading up to December 3rd, the GivingTuesday campaign will provide a platform to rally volunteers and raise funds for the charities of our choice.  We encourage everyone to be a part of GivingTuesday.

Place2Give has created a special Fund for GivingTuesday.  To give the Fund extra meaning, we went to each member of our team and asked them to provide us with their favorite charity, and the reason for their choice.

The following are some of the organizations that were included in the responses (in no particular order):

Foothills Special Needs Association for Parents and Siblings

 “This organization provides the resources and support parents and families need to navigate the ongoing challenges that present themselves raising a child or adult with special needs. The organization is not diagnosis specific, therefore any special needs individual and their family can access the resources provided by SNAPS. This organization’s mandate is full inclusion; school, community, post-secondary, recreation and leisure.  
I have an adult sister with very severe special needs and an organization like Foothills SNAPS did not exist while our family struggled with the many challenges of demanding that my sister be accepted for who she was not what she was.” Deborah Phillips, Place2Give Foundation Manager

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA)

 “CCASA is a local Calgary organization, with a 20 year history of supporting the community. In addition to being a member of CCASA's board, I truly believe that they are leaders in their field. What CCASA is doing as an organization in terms of education and support is fantastic. Not only do they offer counseling and outreach, but they also have excellent crisis education and leadership programs.”Arleigh Vasconcellos, Principal, The Agency Inc.

Calgary Girl Guides

 “My daughter is a girl guide and I can see, on a daily basis, the impact this organization has on her.  Through the Girl Guide activities, she is learning to be the best that she can be.” Karine Aviv, Place2Give Marketing Manager

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

 “The reason being is I have a cousin that succumbed to leukemia and an uncle that passed on from lymphoma.  A stem cell treatment gave my uncle some extra time, but it wasn't enough.  I think that more research into stem cell and other technologies will help put science in front of these diseases.”Ray Stockford, IT Tsar


In the days leading up to GivingTuesday, we will continue to share the rest of the organizations that make up the Fund, and the reasons why they were chosen by the Place2Give team.

For a full list, and to donate, please visit:

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