Capital for a Cause - The Time is NOW

For the second year in a row, Dexterity Consulting will be partnering with REAP Calgary to bring a social captial discussion as part of the Down to Earth Week in Calgary, Alberta April 11-15.  The Capital for a Cause summit is being brought to you in part by Dolan Wealth Management - Raymond James and Toniic.  We started exploring this topic when the price of a barrel of oil was still fairly strong.  Since those initial planning days, the Canadian dollar has tanked, oil is still trading at $40/barrel and tens of thousands of people have been laid off.  So why are we talking about social capitla management now?  It might seem counter-intuitive.  It is for this very reason that we are undertaking this discussion at this time.

Villiage Capital has a graph that outlines what happens when we direct our resrouces towards businesses that engage both the profit motive alongside the social motive and are still early enough in their development that the capital can be used for significant, rapid and influence growth.  We want to break the perception that impact investors can't find the deals that will make them money and that the businesses that have a blended value proposition cannot make significant returns.

 Village Capital

Joining us at this summit are industry experts, individual social impact investors who want to share their real-life stories of the good, the bad and the ugly of social impact investing.  We want to push the conversation forward.

Pique Ventures - Investing in women led businesses

Renewal Funds - Greentech/Clean tech and venture philanthropy

Threshold Impact - Investing in disruptive technologies

The day is broken up into large and small group discussions and knowledge sharing.  We want to hear your stories.  Please share them at the event, or tweet us using the hastag #DTEW2016 @reapcalgary.

To register for the summit please visit - and click on Capital for a Cause. 

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