Demystifying the Financial Complexities of Aging: 3 Part Workshop for Seniors & Adult Children on Financial Literacy and Legacy Planning

August 31, 2016, Calgary, AB - Dexterity Consulting is partnering with Simply More Inc., RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities, Lifehouse Cares and Kerby Centre to offer a three-part series on financial literacy for seniors. 

What started off as a basic conversation about charity solicitations to an aging parent quickly turned into a deeper discussion on what adult children and aging parents need to know to as they go into their sunset years. With the dramatic increase in Calgary’s aging population, the “sandwich generation” is being torn between their children living at home and their aging parents requiring care. Through this interactive workshop we explore some of these inherited responsibilities, and really simplify the financial complexities of aging.

This three part series starts with Trudy Pelletier, FEA, Family Dynamics Coach leading participants through the difficult conversations around taboo topics like finances and mortality.

Says Trudy – “Communication can resolve anything – the problem is we stop talking carrying that conversation around in our head.  My goal for this workshop is that participants will unplug from the inherent enemies of communication and acquire new skills providing them with the ability to talk through tough issues.  This is a key success factor to fulfill on family legacy.”

The second session takes a deeper dive into a financial case study.  Gwen Becker, CFP, CIM, FCSI will walk through a real scenario based on her own personal story. Participants will leave armed with information to take to their own financial advisors or can reach out to Kerby Centre staff who will be on hand to help find appropriate resources.

Luanne Whitmarsh, CEO of Kerby Centre reinforces the importance of this type of workshop. “Conversations about wills and legacy planning can be challenging and emotional, but it is vital to make sure your family understands your wishes. Careful financial management today can ensure your legacy stretches far beyond your years.”

The final session will be led by Gena Rotstein, FEA, Philanthropy Advisor who focuses on your legacy and what is being passed down from generation to generation.  Articulating your social vision and how that gets passed down to your children and grandchildren will be the cornerstone of this discussion.  Participants will be empowered to have the deeper philanthropy conversation with their heirs, and also have tools for evaluating charities to what fits their giving profile.

“Taking a page out of Mike and the Mechanics, ‘Every generation blames the one before, and all of their frustrations come beating on your door.’ I have been witness to what happens when families don’t have these conversations and how having a plan now can save a lot of heartache down the line,” says Gena.

Session dates, 9am to Noon at the Kerby Centre - 1133 7 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB 

  • Family Dynamics & Communication - September 16th, 2016
  • Financial Management – October 12th, 2016
  • Legacy Planning & Philanthropy – November 25th, 2016

Registration is now open and participants can sign up for individual sessions or for the whole series by visiting or contacting Kerby Centre - 403-705-3251




Note to Editor – About the presenters:

Gwen Becker, CFP, CIM, FCSI at RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities - Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor:  Gwen facilitates and manages portfolios for individuals, institutions, charitable foundations and endowments. Drawing on over three and a half decades of experience, she works with investors seeking a customized, well-diversified investment strategy that focuses on protecting capital and achieving long-term growth, without exposure to unnecessary risk.


Trudy Pelletier, Simply More Inc. - Family Dynamics Coach:  Trudy is a Family Enterprise Advisor™ certificant and a Certified Executive Coach specializing in facilitating continuity planning and communication, specifically the difficult conversations. As a facilitator of Meaningful Dialogue™ - frank conversations about the tough issues - Trudy ensures each person is heard, seen and understood.  Trudy supports families who wish to achieve alignment, harmony and unity by leading strategic conversations that include vision, mission and values; both in business and family.  She empowers people to bring their "best selves" to the process while taking on the real challenges of succession planning.


Gena Rotstein, Dexterity Consulting - Advisor in Philanthropy: Gena has been working with individuals, families and family-owned businesses alongside their financial and legal advisors helping them set up their charitable giving strategies and legacy plans since 2002.  Holding an MA in non-profit management and a certified Family Enterprise Advisor™, she bridges the social needs of community and charities with the legacy visions of donors and their families.

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