Madison's 1212 - A Community Restaurant, One Chair at at Time

A community focused and community funded restaurant in the inner-city neighbourhood of Inglewood, in Calgary, Alberta is the latest social business to launch in Calgary's growing social enterprise sector.  It's mission is to be a beautiful space where people come together to create, enjoy, share and become inspired.

What is a community built restaurant?  It is one where each of us in the neighbourhood take a financial stake in the success of the business.  During the day, it is a coffee and co-work space in the evening it is a pub featuring craft nachos, unique salads and craft beer.  In the summer the patio opens up for curbside dining, people watching and overall neighbourliness.  In essence, we are building the buisnesses that we want to have in our community and we are taking ownership of their successes.

For more information on Main Street investing check out Michael Shuman's book Local Dollars, Local Sense or catch this video.


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