Place2Give Update - March 2016

In the fall of 2012, Place2Give Foundation received its Canadian charitable status and in 2015 we received our US charitable status. This was an interesting journey to go down, for a long time (since starting Dexterity in 2002) I was trying to prove that we could drive the social change we wanted to see without having to create a bifurcated entity ­ a for­profit to hold the IP and equity and a charity to process the donations. The market told me otherwise.

For Dexterity Ventures Inc. this has turned out to be a good thing. We have been able to generate more social capital between donors, charities, families and family­businesses than had we kept solely to the for­profit model. To date, since 2012 when I started tracking numbers more concertedly, we have supported donors in distributing approximately $7.5Million to charities in North America and projects around the world. We have done so through consulting services to financial advisors and their clients, one­on­one with individual donors and their families and in partnership with charities to some of their major donors who are exploring the legacy planning.

In addition to the consulting services, through the use of the GIVE_api and the different philanthropy technologies developed by DVI and integrated with Place2Give we process between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in micro­donations annually. The average donation through some of our partners is $29 and directly on the Place2Give website it is $140.

We are making the philanthropy pie bigger by engaging with donors where they are at. Whether it is for an immediate need through a crowdfunding campaign on Fundrazr, supporting long­term planning and strategic giving on our micro­foundation platform  myPlace2Give, or tapping into the consumer mindset for TheCardThat.Gives, we strive to put the donor and their social vision at the core of the philanthropy conversation.

Thank you to all of our donors, clients, technology companies and partner firms for entrusting us with your social vision and making our communities stronger.

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