Corporate Citizenship

This year we are partnering with Goodpin, Ramp Communications and Kevin Hayes Digital Media Strategist to bring retail philanthropy to the forefront. 

Why is retail philanthropy so important?

Because it drives economic growth, spurs innovation and fosters accountability.

Social License to Operate

Guest Blogger: Nadine Riopel is a facilitator and community organizer.  With a professional background in both the private and social sectors, she helps organizations become more efficient, effective, and sustainable through a greater connection between their people and to their higher purpose. She is the creator of PurposeFuel: a program that helps organizations achieve greater results through connection and purpose. She is also the author of The Savvy Do Gooder: Giving That Makes a Difference: a short guide to effective giving, and co-founder of The Good 100 Experiment.  Nadine lives very happily in a heriatge (read:old!) home in Central Edmonton, Alberta with her young son and husband.  In her spare time she enjoys rescuing fruit and making rugs out of old sheets.

Note - Nadine will be joining us for an In Conversation With... event on January 13, 2016. Registration will open next month and more information will be posted at Dexterity Events.

The idea of each organization needing a ‘social license to operate’ suggests that if an organization doesn’t fill some real need, there’s no reason for society to allow it to exist. Why should we give tax deductions for business expenses, for example, to a business that does us no good, or worse - does us harm? Why should community members frequent an establishment that doesn’t support the community in every way it can, and isn’t providing anything of value?

Earlier this month I presentat at the Phasis Symposium on CSR.  What follows are the slides and presentation notes.


I recently returned from a trip to Mexico where I was meeting with NGO’s in Oaxaca State, in a town called Huatulco and presenting at the 3rd Annual Congress of Non-Profit Organizations of Mexico hosted at University of Hidalgo in Pechuka, just north of Mexico City.

My Tickle Trunk - Creating a safe space for ideation...

Yup, you read that correctly, I am exploring an ideation space. I'm calling this space My Tickle Trunk.  Thank you Canadian children's show icon - Mr. Dressup!

The Philanthropy Conversation

I recently tweeted some research that we had done by UnCommon Innovation on the state the financial services sector.  The focus on the study was on how advisors are talking with their clients about charitable giving.  What came out loud and clear is that advisors are looking for tools and resources to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with their clients about philanthropy.  These tools and resources can come from a number of places, the most knowledgeable place would be the charitable sector itself.

Small Calgary Business that is Giving Back in BIG Ways

Congratulations to Derek Major and his team at Eligeo IT in Calgary, Alberta.  Derek and his company were nominated for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award and this video highlights what makes them special.

Corporate Knights v. Maclean's Magazine - Debate on Corporate Citizenship

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