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I learned a lot when we set up the Southern Alberta Flood Emergency Relief Fund and in response to the devistation facing Fort McMurray we were quick to start our due diligence proccess.  We all know that the Red Cross can raise oodles of cash in a short amount of time, and what we learned from the flood they are great at the front end responding, but when it comes knowing our communities and working with grassroots organizations to deploy the funds they fell short.

To this end, and in keeping with our mandate to ensure we can track the funds and work with organizations that will be accountable and able to report back below is a list of charities that will be in the #YMM Fire Fund. You can donate to this fund by clicking this link and selecting "Area of Greatest Need" from the drop-down menu. 

 AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) - Funds used for supplies and directed towards the SPCA in Fort Mac for when the rebuild and Edmonton for immediate re-housing of animals.
Fire Fighters Fund and EMS funds - funds are used by first responders who may struggle with PTSD or other needs following the crisis.  We will be in touch with their respective foundations and municipalities once the crisis is over.
Rotary Club of Fort McMurray - funds to be used in areas of need as determined by the Rotary Club
Calgary Food Bank for Wood Buffalo/Fort Mac - funds are being flowed through the Calgary and the Edmonton Food Banks.  Funds will be used for families in need now as well as for rebuilding post crisis.
As more information is available I will be adding charities.  As with the flood, we will collect the funds, connect with the organizations and disburse the funds as requested.  We will shut off the fund, as last time, when we know that our work has been done and the other organizations like United Way can step in.  It is our goal and objective to ensure we have done our job in researching and connecting donors to the organizations that will be in the best position to use the dollars raised.
Thank you for your generosity and keeping Alberta strong.
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