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2016 Learning Calendar

Our learning calendar focuses on themes around social enterprise and social ventures.  In this vein we are partnering with community organizations to promote learning opportunities for wealth managers, advisors and community investors.

Spring Break: Family Philanthropy Retreat at the Banff Centre

March 11 - 13, 2016 - For families, couples and individuals join Dexterity Consulting, Simply More, Open to Possibilities, Raymond James and the Lougheed Leadership Institute at the Banff Centre for an exploration into social change and legacy planning.

For more information on the activities, The Banff Centre and to register please visit - Family Philanthropy at the Banff Centre.


CAGP National Conference -

"I am NOT a Philanthropist!" Planned Giving &

The Rising Generation

April 6 - 8, 2016 - Banff, Alberta - What does philanthropy really mean for those about to inherit $8Trillion? Transitioning the family foundation to the Rising Generation is complicated, especially since this generation defines work and giving differently than previous generations. As a result philanthropy is being redefined. Drawing upon research published by Jay Hughes and Dennis Jaffe, as well as case studies from Gena’s clients and advisors across North America, the presentation will highlight the top three trends that planned giving officers should consider when reaching out to this generation of wealth inheritors and creators and their financial and legal advisors. It’s never too early to start the planned giving conversation.

For more information and to register, please visit the Canadian Association of Gift Planners National Conference website.

Give to Grow Reading Rally

Celebrate the power and joy of reading aloud with Calgary Reads, CanLearn Society, Further Education Society of Southern Alberta and the Calgary Public Library at Keeler School!

What is a reading rally?  A reading rally is a fun, engaging event held in a school's gymnasium.  It brings together up to 100 first and second grade students with special guests, volunteers, local businesses and educators to celebrate reading.

To see a video of a Reading Rally in action click here.

The Give to Grow Reading Rally will be held on Dec. 9th from 1:15-3:15pm at Keeler Elementary School in Calgary.  Click here to register as a volunteer reader or to sign up your company as a group volunteer opportunity.  

For more information or to sponsor this event please contact Aditya at Calgary Reads 403-777-8254 ext. 102 or .

Calgary Small Business Week: 
From Cheque-Book Philanthropy to Corporate Citizenshp - Give to Grow Your Business and Your Community

October 22, 2015 - As part of the Calgary Chamber's Small Business Week: Expo & Awards, Dexterity Ventures Inc. is hosting a workshop called 'Give to Grow'. This workshop highlights the local small business, MaxGreen Windows that has made community engagement and philanthropy part of their business model. The Give to Grow campaign ties economic development with grassroots social change through business.

Participants will be given the tools to start or enhance their community investment and corporate citizenship activities using the Give to Grow platform.

To purchase your tickets to the event and to find out more about the Small Business Week: Expo & Awards, click here. 

Philanthropy Workshops For Women

November 3rd-25th, 2015 - TD Wealth is pleased to host a philanthropy workshop for women developed by Dexterity Consulting, in partnership with Enlightened Philanthropy, in cities across Canada.

The philanthropy workshop is designed to foster discussion, encourage exploration, and provide a foundation for women to develop their charitable giving strategy.

Topics covered will include:

  • Trends in Philanthropy
  • Articulating your social visions and setting a course for your longer-term planning and legacy
  • What to ask before making a major donation
  • The role of your financial advisor as planner and supporter of your social capital endeavours
  • Technical considerations for giving (types of giving vehicles and planning structures, donations of non-cash assets, etc.)

The TD Wealth workshops are designed for women who are thinking about planning or currently exploring their charitable giving in a more comprehensive way. This half-day seminar will get you started on the path towards strategic, impactful giving. Following the workshop,a site visit to a charity to put our learning into action.

The workshops will be held in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Victoria. To find out more information or to register for the workshops, please visit

She Said: Connecting for a Cause

November 4, 2015 - Network and connect with other professionals while supporting charity! Entrance amount is a donation to charity (all proceeds in support of SAS) and includes h'orderves, great networking opportunity and learnings through our guest speaker and interactive session. DVI Founder & CEO Gena Rotstein will be the keynote speaker at the event. 

To learn more and to register for the event, please click here.

The Canadian Institute's Trusts and Estates Forum

December 8, 2015 - Creative Planning for the Modern Estate Professional. Estate planners know that 2015 has brought significant changes to the taxation of trusts and charitable bequests, as well as the new AlbertaEstate Administration Act. With all of these changes, it is crucial to understand what they will mean for your clients. The Canadian Institute's Trusts & Estates Forum brings together top estate planning professionals to offer you their legal, taxation and financial perspectives, so you can elevate your practice and better advise your high net worth clients.

Learn the tips and tricks that our speakers have honed through years of experience, such as:

  • Communication strategies for dealing with blended families and complex family business relationships
  • Preparing heirs and trustees for business transition and maintaining continuity through the process
  • Best practices for dealing with capacity issues and aging clients

To find out more about the Forum and to register to attend, click here. 

WINK: Women Investing in Knowledge

Check back here for a list of WINK events!

Past Webinars and Seminars

September 1-3, 2015Relating Systems Thinking and Design 4 Symposium. The RSD series advanced an agenda for a strong integration between systems thinking and design to take on the most important challenges facing our planet. The theme of this year’s symposium was At the Frontiers of Systemic Design. Dexterity Ventures Inc. CEO & Founder Gena Rotstein presented a 'Case-Study on Systems Change in the Charitable Sector' at the conference on September 2nd, 2015.

August 5-7, 2015 - Purposeful Planning Institute Rendezvous. The Purposeful Planning Institute held The Rendezvous, their premier annual event which offers one-of-a-kind learning and networking opportunities for PPI members and guests. As part of the pre-conference, Dexterity Ventures CEO Gena Rotstein held a Philanthropy Summit for advisors, alongside Deborah Goldstein from Enlightened Philanthropy.

June 24, 2015 - In Conversation with Vicki Saunders. Dexterity Ventures presents Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO, in a discussion of the state of women's entrepreneurship in Canada and around the world. What is the role of women in business, and what can we do to support and grow women in the C-suites of companies?

April 18 to 19, 2015 - In Conversation with Michael Shuman.  Dexterity Ventures and REAP Calgary Present Michael Shuman, Leading Economist and Strategic Investor. Is your investing strategy undermining your philanthropic efforts? Join us in a conversation with Michael Schuman on how investing in companies that align with your charitable goals can grow your assets. 

May 13, 2015 - "The WINK Mini-U Series: Building Your Personal Brand" Enjoy an opportunity to network with your WINK community and listen to a speaker on a topic of interest.  You will have two opportunities to get up front and personal with our experts in a round-table setting. 

April 16, 2015 - "The Fundamentals in Financial Planning & Investing" Learn how to create the backbone to your financial plan and investment strategies by putting the “why” before the “how”. How do you set realistic goals? How to make the most of your advisory team and ask the right questions. Speakers: Allisen Maher & Gwen Becker. 

Wednesday, March 18 - The X-Factor: Women, wealth and Strategic Philanthropy. Dexterity Ventures CEO Gena Rotstein presented on women and philanthropy to the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP). 

March 12, 2015 - "Demystifying Personal Tax" What opportunities are you missing to reduce your tax bill?  What unknown risks might you be facing?  Whether you prepare your own, or engage a professional to prepare your tax return, it’s important for all individuals to understand personal tax and it’s components.  As someone who deals with the preparation of other people’s taxes, we can only prepare based on the information we receive from our clients. Sometimes opportunities can go unseen because of missed communication regarding changes in an individual’s circumstances or tax legislation.  Join me for a glimpse into the world of personal tax as I provide insights into money saving opportunities that you may not be aware of! Speakers: Patty Auger. Fee: $20 (Includes Lunch). Click here for Tickets.

February 4, 2015 - "The WINK Mini-U Series: Life Balance" Enjoy an opportunity to network with your WINK community and listen to a speaker on a topic of interest.  You will have two opportunities to get up front and personal with our experts in a round-table setting. 

Speakers: Judith Ravensbergen on 'Dealing with the Unknowns in Seperation & Divorce'; Gena Rotstein on 'New Voices: Raising the Next Generation of Philanthropists'; Judity Ravensbergen & Melanie McDonald on 'Simplifying the Purchase of US Property'; Patty Auger & Sharon Gray on 'The "Need to Know" for Business Owners'; Allison Maher on 'How to Make Your Financial Plan Work for You at Each Stage of Life'; and Gwen Becker on 'The Principles of Stock Picking'. 

December 8, 2014 - Women in Canada influence billions of dollars in charitable giving each year. The number of female donors is increasing at a rate far greater than men; roughly 350,000 women in Canada have the financial resources to make a major gift to charity. And, women have a unique way of donating. As women's influence over wealth in Canada continues to rise, their unique approach to giving needs to be better understood by charities. This is the major finding of the first detailed study of Canadian women in philanthropy which was released by TD Bank Group in late June. This session presents the findings of the TD report, which was conducted independently by iNVESTOR ECONOMICS, and provides reflections from the perspective of a unique group of women philanthropic leaders in our community.

Dexterity Ventures CEO & Founder Gena Rotstein moderated a panel featuring Mary Tidlund, Julie George, Jo-Anne Ryan and Terry Gilholme.

December 3, 2014 - A Social Impact Failure Wake is a not-so-serious, yet intimate opportunity to get an inside look at some social impact stories gone awry. Four story-tellers will brake the stage (including Dexterity CEO Gena Rotstein) - sharing details of social impact ventures that didn't go as planned.

The theme of the Irish Wake will help create a sense of playful irreverance - beer in hand, we will toast each story-teller for their bravery and commitment to social change.

November 25, 2014 - "Financial Fraud & Identity Theft - Learning How to Protect Yourself" Answers to questions that secure yourself and your reputation.  How safe is my online banking? What happens if my credit card gets compromised? How do I figure out my credit score? What is Identity Theft and how does it happen? Speakers: Judith Ravensbergen. Fee $20 (Includes Lunch). Click here more info.

November 20, 2014 - "CKX Summit: Can Open Data Unlock Fort Philanthropy? A Case Study in Three Parts" This session is part of the Community Knowledge Exchange Summit taking place November 19 to 21, 2014 in Toronto, ON. For more information and to register for the summit, click here. 

September 25, 2014 - "WINK: Women Investing in Knowledge" Year 3 launch. For more information on the WINK sessions, and to register, please click here.

September 17th, 2014 - "Non Profit Tech Summit: Getting Value out of Your Data," Calgary's nonprofits are gathering increasing amounts of data about their own organizations' programs, donors and trends.  How we use this information internally and externally can have profound financial and social benefits. This half day summit will focus on how nonprofits and charities can use data to make more effective decisions and to improve their operational effeciency. This summit is co-hosted by CCVO, Data for Good, Dexterity Ventures Inc. and Place2Give, and Propellus.  To learn more and to register click here or email . Fee - $45.00/person

July 25th, 2014 - "World Entrepreneur Forum: Social Purpose & Going Beyond the Bottom Line," A facilitated panel with Cliff Michaels, David Katz - Plastic Bank, Taylor Conroy - Change Heroes an Parveen Varshney - Varshney Capital Corp. For more information please contact Venture Development Canucks. Event is in Vancouver.

June 10, 2014 -  "Making Strategy a Critical Component for Boards," While the concept of making strategic planning a critical board pririty might seem obvious, boards continue to struggle with maintaining a strategic focus.  This session explores how to go about elevating strategic planning and ongoing oversight and focus on the board agenda. For copies of this presentation or to learn more about other sessions with Federated Press please contact them directly.

June 6, 2014 - WINK Presentation - Legacy Planning as part of the Meet Jane Series.   Video of the presentation can be found on the Wink Calgary YouTube channel.

April 23, 2014 -   A frank conversation with three Calgary entrepreneurs on what they have learned in the process of building their businesses.  For more information about this session and for copies of the presentation please contact Capital Ideas.

March 25, 2014 - Webinar - Doing Well While Doing Good: Philanthropy and the Family Owned Business for a copy of the slides and an audio recording please contact .  

March 21, 2014 - Calgary, Alberta - Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Resource Development: Insights and Best Practises in CSR, "Integrating Strategic Philanthropy with your Corporate Citizenship"  For a copy of the speaking notes and the slides please visit the Generating Social Capital blog.

February 13, 2014 - Calgary, Alberta - CIBC Expert Intelligence - Expanding your Knowledge (series) "Strategic Philanthropy: Advising for Private Wealth Managers".  For a copy of the slides and notes please contact .

Oct. 27, 2013 Social Finance 101 and Social Innovation Generation discussion hosted by Thrive and Trico Foundation.  This event included Social Finance 101 primer session and local discussion.  For copy of notes please contact Thrive.

Sept. 15, Social Investing conversation hosted by CAWST. To see what was discussed please click here.



Click here to listen to the audio recording of the webinar.




In this CenterPoint webinar, Gena Rotstein reviews three new revenue generating trends in philanthropy which are changing the charitable landscape.  The first is microphilanthropy through Social Media and Mobile Giving.  The second is Social Enterprise, a for-profit business model with “doing-good” at its core.  The third trend is the phenomenon of intergenerational wealth transfer, and bringing the conversation of philanthropy to the table when speaking of wills and inheritors. Find out how they impact your organization.

Email  to purchase a downloadable file of the webinar.


A portion of your program fee is directed towards our Corporate Citizenship program.  Organizations supported by Dexterity Consulting for 2010 include:

Canadian Women's Foundation - National
Pembina Institute - National
Results Canada - National

For more information about our corporate citizenship program please email . 

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