Family Philanthropy & Legacy Planning

Family on Grass

Building community begins at home. The actions that you model for your children will create patterns that will grow and strengthen over time. Dexterity Consulting will provide you with the tools to begin the conversation with your family around your philanthropic goals. We can facilitate the conversation or merely provide the resources for you and your family to make informed decisions.

Giving Portfolio

Dexterity Consulting works with you, your estate planner, your wealth manager and other interested parties to provide you with strategy for creating lasting positive social impact into future generations.

We provide you with the emotional and practical support required in carrying on these conversations with your family members. Most especially, "How much inheritance is enough, and what is too much?" This question is answered by looking at your values and what your social impact goals are.

Call or us, we'd be happy to walk you through our programs and services.

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