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Enlightened Philanthropy

"Gena's presentation on Philanthropy in a Digital Age at the recent International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy 2013 Conference was loaded with useful information. It's evident that she's comfortable in this space and is well-positioned to navigate it. She also brings a huge network to the table! Gena is on the cutting-edge, creating a new resource for advisors throughout North America. I'm really excited for the launch of Place2Give in the US later this year!" Deborah Goldstein.

Agar Canada

Centre for Affordable Water Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

"As someone working in the charitable sector, I am very excited about a new venture has just been initiated by Gena Rostein. Dexterity is providing social investment consulting to small and/or family-owned businesses as well as philanthropists. In my view this sub-set of the philanthropic community is relatively new to strategic social investing, is vastly under-served in terms the resources they need to make the right decisions for themselves or their business interests, but has tremendous capacity to contribute.  

I oversee resource development for an international development charity, and am encouraged to see that our community has become one that values social investment, and is also willing to take a measured approach to making the right investment decisions. Dexterity, and perhaps others in Calgary, will provide the services and support needed to help make those connections and continue to expand philanthropy from an ‘elite’ activity to one that can be done thoughtfully and strategically by businesses of all sizes and people of all types." - Alison Pidskalny, Director - Public Engagement, Resource Development & Business Services

Greengate Power Corp. see attached

"...This fall (2008) Greengate hired Gena Rotstein at Dexterity Consulting to help identify areas in rural Alberta for community investments by the same stakeholder principles that guide the company in their corporate decision making. Gena presented a comprehensive list of community organizations in four of the project areas that align with Greengate’s business objectives, giving guidelines and evaluation tools. The report was easy to follow, with lots of quality information which we needed to help make our decision. From our opinion Gena went above and beyond, using her contacts and also meeting with some of the landowners in our project area to find out where they felt the funding was needed. She created a foundation for ongoing community investments in our project areas." - Dan Balaban, CEO Greengate Power Corporation

Kicis Family

Len Shapiro & Family

MCF Housing for Seniors

Rotary Club of Calgary - Karma & Cents Business Model Presentation, Jan. 14, 2009

"Good background information."

"Good content, educational and instructive."

"Novel approach [to business development]"

Mawer Investment Management Ltd. - What Most Needs Doing? Presentation, Apr. 2, 2009

"Thought provoking..."

"[Piece of advice I am taking away from this workshop is to:] Invest in charity like I would a business."

The Doorway

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