I am Not a Feminist but...


Two days ago I was sitting down with some of the leadership of the Canadian Women’s Foundation with a client discussing what it means to be a feminist today.  I don’t consider myself one, but I definitely wouldn’t be heading up a company if it wasn’t for the work that the women did before me.


Here is what one of the ladies from CWF sent me after our discussion.  She took this photo at one of the recipient charities that CWF supports:

Tonight Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO is speaking in Calgary at the Memorial Park Library.  Here is a successful woman entrepreneur, angel investor and author who is challenging women to think differently about what the word feminism means.

It is fitting that she is presenting at the Memorial Park Library because it was through the efforts of Annie Davidson that Calgary even has a library system.  Long before women had the right to vote, Annie raised the capital, garnered the community support and worked with Scottish - American philanthropist and industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, to build the first library - Memorial Park.  While the feminist movement started off as a way for women to claim equality, it turned into a negative term that was shunned by the younger generation who has directly benefited from the work of our fore-mothers.


The role of women is shifting in our business and social sectors.  Women are about to inherit the some of the largest wealth transfer in North American history.  They are going to be holding on to TRILLIONS of dollars for several decades before passing those assets down to the next generation.  This is also the first generation where higher education credentials is a baseline.  It is however, also the generation, that while highly education with numerous financial opportunities, is also under-represented at the decision making table.  An irony that is not lost to many, yet not actioned either. Tonight’s presentation is going stimulate discussion on the power that women’s financial and educational position is going to impact our economy, our political systems and consequently society as a whole.


This evening's event is open to women investors and entrepeneurs with a suggested donation to the Place2Give Foundation. To register - www.dexterityevents.com



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